For Better Livelihoods
Established in 1990, the Hüsnü M.Özyeğin Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to promoting the social and economic development of Turkey by supporting initiatives in the fields of education, girls empowerment, health and culture.

Responding to Needs Across the Country…
Establishing institutions for social change has been a key strategy of the Foundation, encompassing educational facilities in deprived regions, including girls dorms, rehabilitation centers in the field of health, and major restoration projects to preserve our cultural heritage. The Foundation has created and improved 64 institutions in Turkey to date.

In a country with a significantly large young population,investment in education is crucial. Since its establishment, the Özyeğin Foundation has provided financing for the construction of 26 girls dorms, 1 university dormitory, 17 primary schols and 8 high schools which serve more than 30.000 students each year.


The Foundation funded the structural reinforcement of 4 primary schools in İstanbul following the Marmara earthquake in 1999 and procured 4,000 computers for schools . In addition, the Foundation created 3 rehabilition centers both in post-earthquake regions and areas of social deprivation.

Recognizing the importance of preserving İstanbul’s treasured cultural heritage, the Foundation also invested in the restoration of the Galata Mevlevi (Sufi) Lodge.
The Özyeğin Foundation has provided over 13.000 financial scholarships to students who demonstrate academic success and supported youth development through mentoring and
professional development programs.

The education and development of young girls has been among the priorities of the Özyeğin Foundation. In a country where girls have limited access to education, the Foundation supported targeted programs including projects with foci spanning from idea design to implementation to robotics programming, to support the personal development and education of 5,000 young girls, especially those living in disadvantaged social and economic conditions.

Rural development is another ares which the Özyeğin Foundation regards as critical for the social and economic development of Turkey. A comprehensive rural livelihoods program implemented between 2008-2015 in Bitlis and between 2012-2019 in Kilis provinces, reached out to 14 villages and 5 hamlets to improve the overall well being of 4,000 inhabitants through an integrated rural development program. The Foundation has now become a hub, bringing together civil society, academic and public actors to exchange know-how, disseminate best practices, and collaborate on new local development initiatives.